Skate 101: Maintaining and Rotating Wheels


Eventually, skateboard wheels wear down. Even worse they can flat spot when riding on rough surfaces. Riding worn down wheels impacts riding experience since it decreases the diameter. It also can be dangerous as older wheels lose their rebound, bearings loosen up, and the wheel flies off.




Rotating wheels prevent flat spot

Rotating skate wheels can prevent unwanted wheel damage. An example of a wheel that has been flat spotted. | Photo: SkateBook

Check wheels regularly for flat spots, chips in the wheels, or coning. Replace your wheels if you can. Island Water Sports has many wheel brands to choose from.

If replacing your wheels isn’t an option here are some helpful tips to prolong the life of your wheels.



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Rotating wheels prolong their life and ensure an even wear. When left un-rotated wheels begin a process called coning. Coning happens when you do power slides or when your skateboarding prefers a certain turn. Eventually, it leads to a smaller riding surface which can impact traction. It’s best to rotate them by using an x pattern.

X Pattern Rotation

  1. Remove the wheels from the axle by loosening up the axle nut.
  2. Then flip the wheel or change the location using a cross pattern. For example, your left front wheel should now be your right rear wheel after rotating.
  3. In a standard rotation, check your bearings for damage and replace if need be.



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September 18, 2019 — Cheyne Cottrell