Consignment Surfboards are a great concept, because one person's old surfboard can be another person's treasure! If you are having trouble selling your surfboard due to pricing or promotional exposure, let Island Water Sports take care of it for you! 

What We Are Looking For?

The best boards for our consignment section are generally ones that are still usable and have minor or repaired damages. Unfortunately, we are unable to take in critically damaged boards, foam boards or retro boards at this moment. Also, during times with good swells, our consignment section could be fully stocked, so definitely give us a call to check our space availability. We also like to maintain a 2 board maximum per customer (IF SPACE FOR INVENTORY IS AVAILABLE)


NOTE: Board quotes and prices can not be estimated without being viewed and inspected in person by an Island Water Sports board seller or manager. At Island Water Sports, the better the deal, the more likely your board will sell! Unfortunately, in this day and age, brand new surfboards can cost an arm and a leg. The best part about used boards, is that they can be fairly priced and accommodating for someone on a budget looking for a board. Ideally, we like to keep our used boards $300 and under, unless they are in pristine condition. If so, we still ask you for a reasonably discounted listing price. 



NOTE: You will not receive a cheque or store credit until your board has sold. You may take your board off consignment anytime you please, without any fees. Once a board listing price is negotiated, you have two options for receiving compensation, if your board sells. You will receive 75% of the sale, if you wish to be compensated in a cheque. You will receive 85% of the sale, if you wish to receive store credit (credit only valid for in-store purchases). NOTE: You will not receive a payment UNTIL your board sells. 


Once your board is received into our point of sales system, our surfboard marketing manager will take professional photos of your board and list them on multiple marketplace websites, for maximum exposure. With your permission, we also have the option of posting your board on our IWS_Boardloft, with your account tagged for further personal inquiries from our followers. 


Choose your program

We are happy to partner with Island Camps to offer camps, lessons, rentals, tours & private events


About Us

Kirk Cottrell started Island Camps in 1978 with one goal.  To take the surf hungry groms of the swell deprived Florida coast to find some real waves!  He organized surf trips to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, South Africa, the Bahamas and more.  Creating unforgettable memories and relationships that would last a lifetime.

Decades later, Cottrell’s kids run Island Camps and are blessed to continue to share the stoke of not only surfing but skateboarding, stand up paddling and skimboarding to the South Florida area.

Our goal at Island Camps is to challenge individuals to get out of their comfort zone, face fears and have fun.  Our family of accredited and professional instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach and are excited to share their experiences.  Whether it’s sharing the rush that comes with catching your first wave or the feeling of flight when you drop in on a skate ramp for the first time.  We live for these moments.