Red Bull Drop In Tour

Jan 25th 2022

Red Bull Drop In Tour

Join us this Sunday at our sister store, Island Water Sports. January 30th they will host STOP 2 of the 2022 Red Bull Drop in Tour. Meet and skate with pros Jamie Foy, Zion Wright, Alex Sorgente and Felipe Gustavo. You can also win cash for trick on the Red Bull obstacles throughout the day.



2:00 pm

Session in the parking lot

3:00 pm

Team Demo

4:00 pm

Best Trick Contest on Red Bull Ledge

Get Cash from  Jamie Foy for bangers on the ledge

Red Bull riders are also paying these amounts for tricks:



Back tail bigspin - $30

Fakie 5-0 half cab - $60

Half cab crook - $30



Switch front crook bs shuv - $60

Kickflip back tail shuv - $60

Front tail bigspin - $30



Nollie front 180 switch crook - $30

Fakie bs 5-0 fs half cab out - $60

Fakie flip fakie 5-0 - $60



Kickflip bs nosegrind 180 - $60

Nollie flip crooks - $60

Switch flip bs tail - $60


5:00 pm

Team Signing and FREE PIZZA

January 25, 2022 — Cheyne Cottrell