Storm Blade Progressive Bodyboard

$59.99 USD


Introducing the extraordinary Storm Blade Progressive Bodyboard - an unrivaled surf companion meticulously crafted to elevate your aquatic adventures. Embark on a sensory journey as you ride the adrenaline-fueled wave of excitement, feeling the majestic power of the ocean beneath your fingertips. Experience unparalleled control and superior maneuverability, evoking envy among fellow riders with every stylish carve through sun-kissed barrels. Trusted by professionals and adored by enthusiasts worldwide, this cutting-edge bodyboard stands as a testament to excellence in design and performance. Immerse yourself in pure aquatic bliss – embrace the exhilaration today!


  • 5mm EBS Extruded Barrier Skin Deck with Contour
  • Superior-grade EPS Core w SPER layering
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Channeled Bottom
  • Basic Coil Leash
  • StormBlade Surfboards are few of those boards that are high performing surfboards. They provide you a combination of control, comfort, and convenience coupled with cost-effectiveness.

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