Sex Wax Comb

$2.49 USD
By Sex Wax


Introducing the revolutionary solution to all your wax-related anxieties - bid farewell to melted or soiled wax with the extraordinary Mr. Zog's Sexwax Wax Container. Crafted meticulously, this container features a rigid plastic base, accompanied by a flexible interior bladder and a sleek black snap-on rubber cap equipped with a Wax Comb for ultimate convenience. The ingeniously designed bladder ensures effortless removal of solidified wax, leaving you worry-free. Immerse yourself in an enchanting world devoid of waxy distress - seize the opportunity now and experience an unparalleled sense of liberation!


  • Heavy duty plastic
  • Comb and Scraper
  • Celebrated and used by top riders.
  • Comb and Scraper
  • Mr. Zog's Sex Wax is a specially formulated surf wax used to coat the deck of a surfboard and provide traction between the surf.

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