Futures Fins Pyzel Padillac Fiberglass Quad-Fin Set Blue-Grey

$140.00 USD

The Pyzel Padillac Quad is a pivot template built in solid fiberglass construction. It has 80/20 foils on the front fins and 50/50 foils on the rear fins, designed to hold in large or powerful surfing conditions.

Side Fins

  • Area 14.45
  • Height 4.48
  • Base 4.36
  • Foil 80/20

Rear Fins

  • Area 11.51
  • Height 4
  • Base 3.87
  • Foil 50/50
  • The Longo brothers had a reputation for tackling challenging aerospace parts and fabricating hydrogen fuel cells for research, but in 1996 they decided to combine their technical know-how with something they loved. Surfing.

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