Firewire Machado Seaside Quad Fin Bamboo/Black

$160.00 USD

The design story of the Seaside Quad began with the Go Fish in around 2016. I rode the Go Fish with keel fins. I’ve always loved keel fins. And at the time, I had never loved quads. I had never even really ridden quads before 2018. Sometime in early 2018, I began synthesizing the Go Fish board model into what would become the Seaside board model, and I had a moment where I recognized something that most of us take for granted about quad sets - they’re all derived from the design of a thruster set. For example, you can look at your favorite thruster set and add two quad trailers to it, and the trailers look just like the front two fins but smaller. Quad fins are, just in general, inspired and designed in the spirit of thrusters. But at the time I was riding a keel fin in my Go Fish, and since I had no history with quad fin sets prior, I began designing a quad fin set for the Seaside that used a twin keel set as a starting point, no...

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