Donald Takayama Surfboards Egg

$859.00 USD

7'2" x 21.1" x 2.7" - 45.5L

Legendary shaper Donald Takayama designed the unique egg profile of Surftech's Takayama Egg Surfboard to create a shape that both beginners and advanced riders can both enjoy whether you're trimming high at the center or racing down the line on the tail. Its shape is perfect if you're not quite ready to rip on a short board but also aren't looking to cruise on a longboard. Built with a Tuflite-PC sandwich construction of high quality EPS foam, epoxy, and fiberglass materials, the board boasts the ultimate combination of performance and durability. The overall soft and neutral design of the Takayama Egg offers forgiving stability for newbies perfecting their pop-ups and riding on the rail, while also offering an easy-going ride for advanced surfers to enjoy playing around on drawn-out summer waves.

  • Hybrid board with shortboard performance and longboard stability
  • Tuflite-PC construction ensures both performance and durability
  • Soft, rounded rails provide a softer feel that is more forgiving
  • Thicker width allows easier balance when surfing smaller waves
  • High surface area makes it easy to stand and balance in the water
  • Egg shape design with a slightly pointed nose enables duck diving

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