Skate 101: Skateboard Trucks Sizing Guide

Posted by Pedro Delfino on Sep 16th 2019

Skate 101: Skateboard Trucks Sizing Guide


The most durable component of your skateboard are the trucks. A skateboard truck is the metal part on your board shaped like a T. The truck is where you will put your wheels on and what you will adjust to make the board turn a specific way. Once mounted, a well constructed truck will give you stability and allow you to grind obstacles. Most skateboard trucks feature the same components: Axle, Hangers Kingpins, and Bushings.

The sizes will depend on your riding style, size of wheels, board, and different types of trucks will affect the tricks you do.



Skate Board Trucks

Photo: Independent Trucks

Axle: The axle is a long pin that runs through the hanger of your truck and will be where you secure your wheels.

Hanger: Supporting the axle is the hanger which is a solid, triangular part used for tricks; specifically grinds.

Kingpin: the kingpin is a threaded pin that runs perpendicular to the board connecting the hanger to the baseplate. This is where you will adjust the bolt to loosen of tighten the bushings.

Bushings: Bushings are two soft urethane rings the look like donuts which are fastened around the kingpin. Bushings will determine the stability of your truck. They come in soft, medium, or hard options.



The most basic way to size your trucks is to match the length of the axle to the width of your skateboard. If you’re buying your first customizable skateboard, first find out what size skateboard is right for you before choosing trucks. It’s important to have the right size trucks on a skateboard in order to have full stability for the rider.

Here is a standard sizing guide from Warehouse Skateboards that will apply to all skateboard trucks.

6″-7.25″ truck axle – 6.5″ to 7.25″ skateboard decks

7.5″ truck axle – 7.25 to 7.5″ skateboard decks

7.75″ truck axle – 7.5” to 8″ skateboard decks

8.0″ truck axle – 8” to 8.5″ skateboard decks

8.5″ truck axle – 8.5” to 9″ skateboard decks

9.0″ truck axle – 9” to 10” skateboard decks

10.0″ truck axle – 10” wide and above skateboard decks

Take notice that different brands will have different sizing styles. For example, Independent trucks size 149 will fit a board size 8.25”-8.5”. It’s best to confirm with an employee or read the descriptions online carefully before buying.



The final and most often neglected sizing is the truck profile. Truck profiles is the height of the trucks. Measured from the base plate to the axle, they come in Low, Mid, and High profiles. A couple things to keep in mind when choosing the right truck profile is to consider the size of wheels you’ll be riding and the style of skateboard you are seeking.

Mid size trucks are most common. Although trends show that smalls wheels are becoming popular again, more skaters are beginning to ride lower profiles.

Skateboard Trucks, high, mid, and low

Courteousy of Warehouse Skateboards

Low Trucks: Lower truck profiles are ideal for technical skateboarding like ledge skating and flat ground because it allows the rider to pop quicker and more efficiently. If you use a bigger wheel like size 53 or higher you’ll likely experience wheel bite which is when the wheels skids the skateboard deck resulting in sudden and unexpected falls.

Mid Trucks: a Mid size truck is the most common size for any type of skateboarder. They are suitable for park and street skating. It is recommended to ride sizes 53-56 mm with mid level trucks.

High Trucks: This is tallest size truck. They can hold wheels sizes 56 and above. They are generally seen on longboards and are typically used for cruising and carving.


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