Looking for a new board? You're in luck.

The war in Ukraine take a hit on board sales across Europe. So Firewire is having a "never been done before" 10-day sale to move their European inventory at select surf shops. This deal is not available online or on the Firewire website!

November 18-28, 2022, enjoy 20% off Firewire Surfboards*

*Discount not applicable onsale boards, Endorfins and Firewire apparel

Already discounted Firewire boards will be marked down to a low $499 for the 10-day period only.

And in case anyone is wondering, please note that we DO NOT expect nor want this to be a regular occurrence. Firewire is built on a principle of premium and they plan to keep it that way.



November 17, 2022 — Cheyne Cottrell