Want to make some cash?

Need to clear out some old boards, or are you looking for a new one? Join us at the Boca Surf and Sail Board Swap and Sample Sale, where you can upgrade or get paid!

Buy, sell, and swap used surfboards, skateboards, skimboards, paddle boards, wakeboards, and even snowboards, fins, wetsuits, GoPros, board racks, board bags, and other accessories. It's basically South Florida’s biggest action sports yard sale! Plus, you can shop the BIGGEST sample sale all year! Save up to 75% off next season's apparel and accessories from Vissla, Amuse, Salty Crew, Vuori, RVCA, Electric, Vans, Stance Socks, Brixton, Rusty, and more.

How to list your gear at the Boca Surf Board Swap

Drop off your gear at Boca Surf and Sail from May 8th to May 12th.

You must complete a consignment contract and pay a $4 listing fee for each item you are selling. All listing fee payments are final.

Boca Surf and Sail keeps a small percentage of each item sold. If you choose to be paid in store credit, we keep 10% of the sale. If you choose to be paid with a check, we keep 15% of the sale. These rates are discounted from our standard rates of 25% for check payout and 15% for store credit payout.

You also have the option to make a 100% tax-deductible donation to the Island Camps scholarship fund, which provides financial assistance to children wishing to attend surf or skate camp. If you choose this option, you do not need to pay the listing fee.

Consignor checks and tax receipts can be picked up as early as May 15th at Island Water Sports. If you are donating an item, you will be issued a tax-deductible receipt. Boca Surf and Sail is not responsible for lost leashes, fins, or damages to any item.


Why do you charge the listing fee? 

To cover the processing and storage of the product. We create a tag for each item and list everything on Offer Up, Facebook marketplace, and social media to help ensure we sell your item.

What happens if my board doesn’t sell? 

All unsold items must be picked up by May 15th. If Boca Surf and Sail are confident we can sell your board you can leave it listed with us but the discounted board swap rates will not apply. All payments after the board swap will be paid out based on our standard commission rates. We keep 25% if paid by check or 15% if paid by store credit. 

What happens if I don't pick up my items before Monday at 7 PM?

Any equipment not picked up will be donated. 

How do I “swap” a board?

Swaps can be done 2 ways. 

Between Boca Surf & Sail and a customer: 

Depending on the condition of your equipment we do trade-ins for used boards in exchange for a credit towards a new surfboard.

Or if we have a used board on our rack that you want, we are open to doing a swap depending on the conditions of the board. This does not apply to consignment boards. 

Customer to customer:

if you find someone at the swap who wants to trade boards with you Boca Surf and Sail will terminate the contract for both parties. Then you can swap your board on your terms. 

Want to save time at dropoff?