NSP O2 Cruiser FS

$599.00 USD

10'0" x 32" x 6" - 288 L

Inspired by our most popular Allround shapes, the new O² Cruiser FS inflatables are perfect for cruising, touring, and exploring. Feel at ease knowing you have a double chamber of extra flotation should you run into any trouble.

  • Rounded square tail for increased stability
  • Fusion reinforced double layer glueless pre-lamination
  • Double-layer rail construction with double sealing rail band
  • A double air chamber with reinforced sidewalls provides additional stiffness and acts as extra flotation in case of puncture to the outside chamber.
  • A 6-inch drop stitch provides more buoyancy and rigidity.
  • To create a utilitarian surf, race, foil or paddle board that can ride in the back of a pick-up truck, be left in the sun all-day or loaned to a friend – without fear of damage – and of course, that performs well.

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