Survive and Thrive While Working at Home

Many of us are transitioning to a new normal as more and more jobs have gone remote. Here are our top tips for working from home as we work as a society to stay healthy.

1. KNOW THE EXPECTATIONS: Have a discussion with your boss about what can actually be accomplished from home. Ask your manager what the priorities are DAILY, and discuss how tasks will get done. There are so many free online tools like TRELLO to track projects, SLACK for communication, and GOOGLE HANGOUTS for online meetings that can help along the way. And remember that this is a ongoing conversation. This is a new experience for so many companies so over-communicating is going to be necessary.

2. KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS: Are you easily distracted? Get up, get dressed (working in pjs is great for some but terrible for others), and find a place that allows you to be distracted. Just like heading into the the office, that pile of laundry can wait until after the job is done. Turn off the TV, have a list of priorities, have a set schedule and put blinders on to the at-home things during those hours. Remember to take a break to stretch, take a walk, and get a change of scenery. And, when work hours are done, close that laptop and unplug.

3. GOT KIDS? PLAN & PREPARE: The kids are home and with school closures, working parents are faced with a challenge, especially parents who have to physically go to work because they have no remote work option.

If you are working from home with kids in tow, you'll need to set some ground rules and make a plan for education and entertainment. Know that interruptions will happen but to help minimize these create a daily chore list (responsibility teaches so many lessons), stock up on books and puzzles, create play stations, or give them a tablet and let them work (learn) next to you.

Check these great online education platforms now offering free ways for kids to learn.

4. APPRECIATE THE PERKS: With all this anxiety and change, try to appreciate the benefits that do come with remote work. Just think of all the gas and time you are saving by getting rid of that daily office commute. You're able to make your own lunch and save money doing so. You don't have to work indoors, so get some fresh air and work outdoors (some sunshine is good for your health). Open your windows to let in as much natural daylight and fresh air as possible. Take short walks if you live in an unpopulated area (just be sure to wash your hands as soon as you return home). Working at home has it's unique perks.

5. STAY CONNECTED: Working at home can sometimes be lonely. You may feel disconnected or isolated. But remember that we are ALL in the same boat. Connect with co-workers by email, video conferencing or slack. Join an online group or book club. Join a free online class. Facetime a friend. Write a letter. Even if we are stuck at home, we all need people in our lives.

6. STAY POSITIVE: Keep that attitude in check. It is all about perspective. Be creative. Don't let these current circumstances steal your peace, happiness or productivity. You can choose to let the new norm victimize you or empower you and help you grow. Look for the upside. Figure out what you can control. Accept what you can't. Find the positive.

Enjoy the downtime at home. Clear out clutter. Pull those weeds. Pick up an old hobby. Exercise. Read a good book. Binge on a TV show you've been wanting to watch. Call your parents or childhood friend to catch up. Embrace this break from the constant hussle. Breathe.


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March 17, 2020 — Cheyne Cottrell