Surf Source Leash Strings

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Introducing our exquisite, unrivaled nylon cord – a robust and unyielding 3 mm marvel meticulously crafted to fasten your leash securely onto your cherished surfboard. Its extraordinary strength is unparalleled, providing unwavering support amidst the crashing waves. Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors with our enticing assortment of hues that will enchant both beachcombers and adventurous souls alike. Skilled artisans have harnessed their expertise to fashion this captivating masterpiece. Join countless wave riders who have entrusted their boards' safety to our incomparable creation. Acquire this essential lifeline today and heed the beckoning call of epic surf escapades!


Extra strong, high-strength, 3 mm nylon cord for tying your leashto your surfboard. Assorted colors.

  • The Surf Source is the premier, and most complete surfing distributor on the U.S. East Coast with more than 300 products.

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