Mob Grip Tape Wide

$10.00 USD


Mob Grip is a versatile adhesive solution suitable for various applications. Imagine the sensation when affixing it to your friend's robust arm, prompting inadvertent screams as all hair gets unexpectedly removed. Furthermore, applying a generous six-foot length of Mob Grip on a water slide instigates an exhilarating scene where individuals swiftly retreat to their guardians with prolonged skin irritations - the ultimate icebreaker! Enhance your longboard skateboarding experience by utilizing Mob Grip on its deck, ensuring superior traction. With its remarkable stickiness and lamentably icky texture, this product stands unrivaled. Order now to unlock endless potential and revolutionize your gripping needs!


  • Hundreds of barely-visible perforations that allow air to escape for a bubble-free application
  • Exclusive silicon-carbide grit binding process for grip that will not wear out
  • High-strength, waterproof, tear-proof backing that trims cleanly every time
  • Super sticky adhesive that won't peel in extreme heat or cold
  • Mob Grip has been producing one of the industry’s leading skateboard grip tapes since 2000. Professional skaters trust Mob Grip tape with their lives—test out their selection and you’ll understand why! Mob Grip skateboard grip tape is an ultra sticky adhesive that will never come off your board. No matter the temperature, their grip tape will stay on tight! It’s bubble-proof, high strength, and tear resistant. Mob Grip tape also has a unique waterproof backing that trims clean every time.

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