Gorilla Geiselman Traction Pad

$58.00 USD
By Gorilla


Introducing the exquisitely crafted Gorilla Geiselman Tail Pad, carefully curated to elevate every surfer's performance. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Eric Geiselman, a true connoisseur of progressive riding. With its innovative 3 piece design, this pad offers unrivaled coverage for tail boards of various widths – a testament to its unparalleled versatility. Unleash your creativity as the two side pieces seamlessly unfurl around the deck plug, enabling you to position the grip astutely towards the end of your beloved board. Experience pure surfing bliss – order your Gorilla Geiselman Tail Pad now and embark on an unforgettable aquatic journey!


  • It has a 3 piece design.
  • Narrow and wide tail boards get optimal coverage.
  • The kick rises to a small flat section on top.
  • The Diamond pattern covers the pad.
  • Numerous holes in the pad give light weight and also provide good toe grip.
  • Durability is provided through advanced EVA construction.
  • Tapering at the edge of the pad minimises water drag.
  • Gorilla Grips use lightweight EVA foam with ultra strength glue, keeping our grip firmly stuck to your board. Gorilla grooves and sanded surfaces hold your feet in a vice like grip, with each groove and arch tailoring that gripping feel.

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