Firewire Surfboards Velvet Hour

$1,225.00 USD

Its wide point is slotted back from the center point making for a wider tail area pushing the effective volume to the rear of the board. The wider tail helps create a lift for nose riding when you're in the pocket and it's got a narrow nose profile for control in steep tight pockets when you're tip riding. It also has a concave to create that extra lift for nose riding. When you combine all these design elements you get a board that nose rides seamlessly in the pocket and then with that wide point back, creates a pivot point which allows a board to be super maneuverable.

  • It features the futuristic Thunderbolt Technology carbon fiber flex patterns, combining the ultimate in high-performance construction with the timeless trim of a traditional log.
  • She named her log after this dreamy evening window and designed it to support long noserides and traditional surfing.
  • Utilizes an EPS closed-cell foam with a T-shaped fiberglass stringer that is placed strategically so the board has flex on the Nose and Twist on the Tail.
  • Flex on the nose for more control when you nose-ride. Twist on the tail for speed and better turning.
  • Believe it or not, after years of testing and time trails, Thunderbolt Technologies discovered having a tail with twist and flex speeds up the board.
  • Surfs like regular fiberglass. No corky funky feeling like the other epoxy boards.
  • Slightly lighter than fiberglass, but designed to flex in strategic parts of the board for performance.
  • We elevate the surfing experience with innovative designs, new materials and advanced construction methods

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