The Nike SB Street Hawker Dunk Raffle

Jan 19th 2021

The Nike SB Street Hawker Dunk Raffle

Artist Jason Deng created watercolor paintings representing 6 different regional dishes from 6 Chinese cities and combined them alongside a whole mess of other hidden nods to Chinese food to make a Dunk that brings the sweet, the sour and everything else.

Release date:

Saturday 1/23/21

Raffle details:

  • In person only, no holds, no over the phone orders, nothing online.
  • Please don’t call the shop.
  • Raffle starts Wednesday Jan 20th at 9 AM
  • 1 FREE raffle ticket per person. Customers are required to create a customer profile with us to receive their raffle ticket. Photo ID required. If you are too young to have a photo ID you will need to be accompanied by someone with one.
  • 1 extra ticket per person if you buy a pair of shoes or 4 pairs of @stancesocks (right now they’re buy 2 get 1 free)
  • There is a 2 ticket max for all customers, regardless of how many shoes/socks you purchase
  • Raffle tickets stop being distributed at 9:30 AM on 01/23/21. Drawing will be on insta live at 10 am sharp (live drawing will posted in IGTV)
  • Shoes must be picked up by 8:30 PM on 01/23/21 otherwise the customer will forfeit the shoes to another raffle drawing.
  • Store Hours: 9 AM - 9 PM Monday - Saturday and 9 AM- 9 PM Sunday
  • We received 22 pairs total.
    • Size 13 (2)
    • Size 12 (3)
    • Size 11.5 (1)
    • Size 11 (3)
    • Size 10.5 (3)
    • Size 9.5 (3)
    • Size 9 (3)
    • Size 8.5 (1)