Camp Precautions During CoVID-19

At Island Camps, we are committed to complying with the CDC guidelines of social distancing and will stay informed on all updates to insure we are implementing all measures and procedures recommended by the CDC. 



Online Registration

All families are asked to register for camp online.

  • Skate Camp and Deerfield Bach Surf Camp will be done through our online registration system. In the past we have allowed paper registrations to be turned in to the pier and at Island Water Sports. This year all registrations will be run strictly online to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Registration for Boca Raton surf camp will happen through the City’s WebTrac system. If a paper registration form needs to be filled out, it will be processed by City personnel or a designated staff person.
  • Walk up registrations and daily registrations will only be allowed if space is available.


Smaller Groups


Summer 2020 maximum capacity will be 40 campers for Boca Surf Camp and 20 campers for Skate Camp with an 8:2 camper to instructor ratio in Boca and 6:1 in Deerfield, Beach. 



For surf camp, there will be 5 tents set up on the beach with 25 feet separating each tent. Campers will be placed into groups of 8 based on their age and ability. Each group will be overseen by 2 instructors, one male and one female. Each camper will be assigned to a specific tent and instructor for the entire duration of camp. 


Congregating under the tents will be prohibited. The tents are to be used for the following:

  • medical emergency
  • drinking water
  • applying sunscreen
  • storing personal belongings 


For skate camp, campers will be transported in separate groups designated each Monday.


We will also be enforcing Instructor continuity for all camps,so all groups will be managed by the same instructor Monday – Friday.





For Surf Camp, there are 6 primary activities that require equipment that campers interact with. Surfing, Skim boarding, Paddle boarding, Ocean education, beach games and crafts. Because Skim Boarding, Paddle boarding and Beach Games require shared equipment we are eliminating them from our program. Surfing, Ocean Education and crafts will continue as we are able to provide enough equipment so that each camper has their own surfboard, work sheets and craft supplies.


For Skate Camp, rental boards and helmets will be assigned to campers to use for the entire day and sanitized each afternoon. Vans will be cleaned and sanitized each day. Campers are encouraged to bring masks and will not be allowed to share food.



Equipment Sanitation 


All equipment for crafts and ocean education will be single use and will not require sanitation. These single use products will be disposed of immediately after use, any crafts that are designed to be brought home will be sanitized before leaving camp. 


Surfboards, skateboards, helmets, tents and camp necessities will be required to be sanitized every day at the end of camp before being stored. All equipment will be sprayed with Lysol, left to dry in the sun for 3-5 minutes then rinsed and dried off before being stored.


Screening and Hygiene 

To mitigate the spread of covid-19 all campers and instructors will be screened for fever and symptoms every day when arriving for camp. We will be using a wireless infrared thermometer to perform each screening. This eliminates the need to physically touch the camper to receive a formal reading. 


Campers will also be required to use Hand sanitizer every day at camp. 

Hand sanitizer will be enforced on certain times throughout the day, such as:

  • drop off
  • pick up
  • before and after lunch
  • before and after any bathroom visit
  • before and after any craft or activity
  • anytime deemed necessary


Face Masks policy 


All campers will be provided with a spf 50 buff for their week at camp. This is similar to a lycra for your face. It is safe to go in the water and will provide a stylish and easy way to encourage the campers to protect themselves from contamination. 


Because surf camp water-based program the enforcement of face masks can be hazardous to our camper and instructor safety. 


We will be requiring masks to be worn during drop off and pick up as well as during arts and crafts and ocean education. 


Pick Up and Drop Off:

Pick up and drop off will be as originally planned prior to Covid-19. 


Boca Raton Surf Camp Drop off: 

Time: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM 

Location: Red Reef Park, South entrance. 


Boca Raton Surf Camp Pick Up: 

Time: Monday – Friday, 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM 

Location: Red Reef Park, South entrance.


Skate Camp and Deerfield Beach Surf Camp Drop off:
Time: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM 

 Location: Island Water Sports Parking Lot




Skate Camp and Deerfield Beach Surf Camp Pick Up: 

Time: Monday – Friday, 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM 

Location: Island Water Sports Parking Lot





Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, we will seek shelter in the pavilion and face masks will be worn by all campers and instructors. For Deerfield Beach, we have rented a space directly next door to Island Water Sports at 1983 NE 2nd St. Deerfield Beach FL 33441. This place will be used for lunch, bathroom breaks and inclement weather shelter. It is large enough that we can enforce social distancing during those times


Bathroom Breaks

For Boca Raton Surf Camp, we will be using the Red Reef City bathrooms directly behind the pavilion. For Skate Camp, we will use the public restroom at each individual skatepark. If the City bathrooms are not available to the public we have a clean and private bathroom at 1983 NE 2nd St. Deerfield Beach FL 33441 that is allocated for camp use only. Campers and instructors will have to wear a mask and hand washing will be enforced. 


Lunch Breaks 

For all lunch breaks and snack breaks, counselors will enforce hand cleaning and ensure proper social distancing. In Deerfield Beach, we know the beach huts south of the pier get busy and overcrowded, we will be utilizing our rented space at 1983 NE 2nd St. Deerfield Beach FL 33441 that is allocated for camp use only. There will be the required amount of space to adhere to social distancing guidelines for up to 40 participants .



Sunscreen Application

Because sunscreen is a vital part of keeping our kids safe from the harmful rays of the Florida sun, we have new sunscreen application processes in place. Instead of instructors applying lotion sunscreen on campers which requires physical contact, instructors will now use spray sunscreen and will monitor the campers as they rub the sunscreen into their skin to insure proper application.